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Correction Products

Wipe out mistakes quickly and easily with our range of correction products. Versatile and convenient liquid paper correction fluids, pens and tapes are great for hiding permanent mistakes and available in different sizes and quantities. Erasers come in fun colours and scents and are ideal for home, office or school use.


Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser

The Staedtler Mars Plastic Eraser is perfect for erasing and amending mistakes as you work. It erases lead pencil on a variety of papers including tracing and drafting papers without smearing, smudging or tearing.
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Keji Correction Tape 5mm x 8m 2 Pack

This Keji Correction Tape is ideal for keeping handy in your pencil case or drawer so you're prepared to correct mistakes as you're working. The tape goes on dry so you can write over the area instantly, plus it is white to completely cover the text underneath.
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J.Burrows Correction Tape 5mm x 8m 2 Pack

J.Burrows Correction Tape goes on dry so you can immediately write over the corrected area to amend mistakes. The tape can be used over typing, laser copies, faxes and handwritten mistakes in ink or pencils. Keep your pencil case, desk drawer or stationery cupboard stocked up with this handy pack of 2.
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