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Keep your staff hydrated and productive with options from our drinks section. Our beverage range covers everything from healthy, sporty options like bottled water, fruit juice and energy drinks to comfort drinks like milk and hot chocolate, to carbonated soft drinks. You can shop in bulk for convenience or select individual drinks.


Devondale Full Cream UHT Milk 1L

This container of Devondale Full Cream UHT Milk is perfect to leave in cupboards for emergencies as it has a shelf life of up to 9 months. The milk is 100% full cream and contains no extra additives or preservatives.
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Nestle Milo Tin 1.9 kg

This 1.9 kg tin of Nestle Milo is perfect for stocking up on your favourite treat. The powder is a good source of protein, has low GI and includes 8 different vitamins and minerals.
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