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Computer Accessories

Whatever you’re working on, we’ve got the computer accessories you need to make everything click. Find the perfect keyboard and mouse, get creative with a graphics tablet or set up a webcam so you can stay in touch. We also have computer parts, drives and RAM to help you upgrade your tech.


Apple Wireless Keyboard

The incredibly thin Apple Wireless Keyboard sits on your desk surrounded by nothing but glorious space. It’s cable-free, so you’re free to type wherever you like — with the keyboard in front of your computer or even on your lap. Not only does the Apple Wireless Keyboard come standard with iMac, it’s perfect for any Mac with Bluetooth wireless technology.
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InSystem Smart Monitor Stand Black


  • Ergonomic design places monitors and notebooks at a comfortable viewing height and angle.
  • Height adjustable using removable foots from 100 mm to 160 mm.
  • Designed to reduce neck and back strain.
  • Includes a built-in cable organiser and storage drawer to maximise desktop space and minimise clutter.
  • Non-skid platform supports up to 32kg.
  • Dimensions: 341 x 443 x 82 mm.
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Wacom Intuos Small Pen and Touch Graphics Tablet

The Wacom Intuos Pen + Touch Small Graphics Tablet brings a pen-on-paper feel to digital art and photo-editing projects, combining a pressure-sensitive pen with an intuitive multi-touch tablet. Open up a world of artistic effects that let you draw and paint on screen just like you would with traditional art materials. The battery-free, pressure sensitive pen lets you draw, write and paint more naturally by hand, while the tablet’s multi-touch surface responds to intuitive gestures for easy navigation. The Wacom Intuos is your digital canvas, offering comfort, style and ease-of-use when you want to express yourself.
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