How female business owners can combat the confidence crisis

Confidence is key for small business owners. Whether it’s pitching your business to investors, selling a product to consumers, negotiating with complex stakeholders or recruiting A-grade talent to join your team, it’s a skill that’s non-negotiable. And yet, for many women fear and a lack of confidence are crippling barriers to small business success. Sometimes referred to as ‘imposter syndrome’, women are less likely than men to put themselves forward for promotions and more likely to lack confidence in their ability to run a business. 

A 2018 study conducted by MGI Australasia found female entrepreneurs are often more cautious in their business predictions compared to male business owners. Research from Boston Consulting Group also shows that female-owned businesses deliver more than double the return per dollar invested compared to male-founded businesses. So how can female business owners combat imposter syndrome.

In this video, four successful female Australian entrepreneurs Sheree Rubenstein, co-founder of One Roof, founder of Code Like a Girl Ally Watson, founder of a school for gifted children Alatus Penny Willoughby, and Shahirah Gardner of fintech startup Finch talk candidly about how they have overcome their own personal confidence crises to build thriving businesses.

This video was filmed at One Roof, Melbourne’s leading co-working space for female-led businesses.