How Frank Green solved a market problem

Sustainable drinkware brand Frank Green, best known for their reusable coffee cups and drink bottles, was a business 15 years in the making. Founder Benjamin Young, who is passionate about motivating people to live more sustainably, was working in strategy at an energy retailer when he first had the idea for Frank Green.

The business officially took off in 2014, and since then Frank Green’s cups and bottles have become one of the world’s most loved reusable products. The business has continued to innovate, introducing stainless steel designs and more recently, Visa payWave functionality that allows users to pay for their coffees with a quick tap of their cup.

With his strategy background, Ben knew that setting a business plan for Frank Green was imperative, and consequently worked according to a “90% planning, 10% doing” rule. He also recognised early on that he would need a team to help grow the business, and employed a staff of five before he left his corporate job.