Free template to build your business case

A business case is an essential document when presenting a product or service to a future client, customer or stakeholder. And while it’s incredibly useful when running a small business, research shows only 31 per cent of SMEs spend time on strategic planning. Use our free business case template below to help articulate your business change initiative.

Australian business coach, Daniel Tolson, recommends you have clear written goals and a specific mission before launching a new project.

“So many businesses pride themselves on working long hours, but when you look at how they spend their time, they can be lacking productivity. Sometimes, they can be lacking the experience they need to take their business to the next level and end up failing. This often comes down to a business not being able to successfully implement a new project or grow the business is a strategic way,” Tolson says.

While the content and length of a business case will vary depending on your product or service and the specific scope of your proposed project, there are some common elements you will need to include. For example, an executive summary, project requirements, risk management, cost analysis, key stakeholders, and a delivery strategy.

Tolson also highlights that preparing a business case is an undiscovered process for many business owners.

“This means you may not know what to action during a new project to reduce the potential for negative consequences. Putting your thoughts on paper, and getting some real planning in place will solve this.”

Business Case Template

Need help getting started? Download our free business case template now.