Apps to help you work more productively

We’ve all heard the phrase ‘work smarter, not harder’, but how can we?

Technology offers a solution for increasing your productivity at work so you can make the most of your brain, without the drain.

We asked a few app-a-holics which apps they turn to when they need to get down to business.

Here are a few of their favourites.

Make every second count

Apps that help you monitor your time and break a large project into manageable chunks are well worth the download time.

Pomodoro Timer helps to boost your productivity by allowing you to customise the time you dedicate to concentrating on a task and then reminds you to take breaks.

The app’s logic is based on the Pomodoro Timer time-management technique developed by Francesco Cirillo is the 1980s which found working in 25-minute sprints, followed by a short break improved mental agility.Pomodoro timerThe Pomodoro app is a bit more sophisticated than the original Pomodoro timer.

Be inspired and get motivated

Rather than wracking your brain for the perfect solution, it helps to open your mind to a new direction – no matter how unexpected.

StumbleUpon is a social network that you can search topics you’re interested in to find websites, photos, videos and more that could give you a great idea.StumbleUpon social networkStumbleUpon makes finding inspiration easy by suggesting content based on your interests

If you’re a bit of a procrastinator, Grandview could be the app for you.

This simple writing app helps you focus on the task at hand.

Once you launch the app, your whole screen goes white. There’s not even a visible cursor. With no toolbars or fonts to distract you, the only option is to start typing.

Grandview also blows up your words to fill the screen, and gradually zooms out as your words fill the page, so you can focus only on what you’re writing.Grandview app simple interfaceGrandview’s extremely simple interface shows only the word you are typing

Organise your thoughts (and your team)

Whether a big project or small task, it helps to have everything planned and organised from the outset.

Todoist aims to help you “accomplish more, every day” by providing a Cloud system to manage projects, tasks and sub-tasks across 15+ platforms, which you can use to collaborate with your team.

Block out the distractions

In the workplace, we could all use a sanctuary.

Now you can get some peace and quiet that can help you clear your mind of pesky distractions.

OmmWriter, as the name suggests, allows you to customise mood-setting backgrounds, mind-focusing audio tracks and unique keystroke sounds as you type into the app.

The three functions can help eliminate distractions while you “reconnect with your old friends Concentration and Creativity”.