The coolest offices in Australia

If your office had a slide, you might find yourself willing to put in a bit more overtime. The employees at these 10 impressive Australian offices have another reason to say they love their job.

Google, Sydney

It’s hardly surprising Google’s Sydney HQ would be a great place to work. These hammocks are just one of the fantastic features of the office.

Google's Australian office

 Google Australia office, Sydney. Image source: The New Daily

Catch Of The Day, Melbourne

Catch Of The Day is known for great deals it offers its customers, but it seems the deal is sweeter for the company’s staff. The head office is fitted out with a giant slide in the foyer. The office also has a basketball court, gym and spacious team collaboration areas.

Catch Of The Day office, Melbourne

 Catch Of The Day office, Melbourne. Image source: Lifehacker

CISCO Systems, Sydney

Multinational IT company CISCO Systems brought Bondi to life with a mural of the famous Aussie beach in a collaborative working space. The fake grass and beanbags would be sure to keep CISCO’s staff relaxed at the office.

CISCO Systems office, Sydney

 CISCO Systems office, Sydney

School of Early Learning, Fremantle WA

Well, you wouldn’t exactly work an office job at Fremantle’s School of Early Learning, but it sure is a cool interior design for a daycare centre. How great are the little bikes hanging from the ceiling?

School of Early Learning, Fremantle WA

 School of Early Learning, Fremantle WA. Image source: Bellfort Interior Design 

South Australian Tourism Commission, Adelaide

Vibrant colours and a vertical garden feature would definitely help to inspire everyone at the South Australian Tourism Commission. The many open spaces encourage a friendly, laid-back environment.

 South Australian Tourism Commission, Adelaide

 South Australian Tourism Commission, Adelaide. Image source: Woods Bagot

3 Degrees Consulting, Melbourne

It seems vertical gardens are an office hit - 3 Degrees has one too. Interior design agency Amicus, that designed the space, took the plant life a step further, adding faux turf, more wall planters and incorporating green into the furniture colour scheme.

3 Degrees Consulting, Melbourne

 3 Degrees Consulting, Melbourne. Image source: Amicus

Moose Toys, Melbourne

As if you wouldn’t want to host meetings in a Jack and the Beanstalk-inspired cubby house Moose Toys HQ has? The employees also get to play pinball and basketball on a full-size court in their downtime.

 Moose Toys office, Melbourne

 Moose Toys office, Melbourne. Image source: Moose via Daily Mail UK

Think Education, Sydney

We’re getting an uber-cool New York loft vibe from Think Education’s office in Sydney. The tertiary education facility is designed with an industrial theme with exposed ceilings, a dark colour palette and a mix of timber and steel. Love the coffee bar - Latte, please!

Think Education, Sydney

 Think Education, Sydney. Image source: Moda Design

TAL Direct, Melbourne

Life Insurance company TAL Direct’s office in Melbourne certainly exudes a lively personality. The office features graffiti walls, bright-coloured meeting booths and futuristic furniture.

 TAL Direct office, Melbourne

 TAL Direct office, Melbourne. Image source: V Arc

Wotif Group, Sydney

What if this was your office? Travel deal site Wotif’s Sydney office is another New York-inspired office. Heritage details, including the exposed brick walls and archways, are shown off throughout multi-level office. Some areas have beautiful hardwood floors while other spaces have faux grass or deep purple carpets. It would certainly keep your workday interesting!

 Wotif Group office, Sydney

 Wotif Group office, Sydney. Image source: Futurespace