Connie Cao plants her roots in a new workspace

Connie Cao is one busy woman. Between designing for, and managing, her floral headpiece business K Is For Kani and continually engaging her blog readers, she has little time for anything else. Moving her business from the dining room table to a studio was part of that ‘anything else’. But she knew creating her studio space would help her business grow. She detailed what it took to make the move to her studio space.

Connie Cao's new workspace for floral headpiece business, K Is For Kani flourish

Connie’s new office space has helped her floral headpiece business, K Is For Kani flourish.

Where did you run K Is For Kani before you designed your studio space?

I operated my business from our family dining room. Every surface – included makeshift shelves and under-table spaces – was covered in flowers. It was meant to be a dining room (and piano room). Looking for me was like looking for a page of Where’s Wally, spring edition.

Shelving and storage has helped organise Connie's new workspace

Getting organised with the right shelving and storage helps Connie find tools and products easily.

How did you get started on creating your studio?

I wanted to get furniture that actually matched, so I started a Pinterest account for inspiration.

What pieces did you want in your new space?

I picked out some practical storage cubes, a pretty white chair (which I also use to shoot modeled product images), a corkboard to use as a mood board, and some colourful stationery to organise my notes and files and keep me inspired. I had no idea until now that file organiser racks were a thing!

Making the most of objects in the office

Connie makes the most of her white chair – she can sit on it and photograph her latest works on it. 

Connie uses a mood board to inspire new headpieces

Connie uses a corkboard as a mood board to inspire new headpieces.

How do you make the most of your new space?

Well, I still have so much more to do with it, but being in an organised space makes me feel more inspired to achieve my business goals. I use the studio as my business space but also as a quiet room for my sister and myself to chill out in and take a break when we have the chance. 

Connie uses furniture, storage and stationery from Officeworks.

Connie found furniture, storage and stationery to fit her style theme and budget at Officeworks.