How to conquer your office Kris Kringle gift

How to conquer your office Kris Kringle gift

The excitement, the mystery, the anticipation, the fear of getting a joke gift – that’s right, it’s Kris Kringle time again! Make your office Kris Kringle a memorable one by following our fool-proof-3-step-gift-giving guide. We’ve even included a few gift ideas that are guaranteed to put a smile on your colleague’s face.

1. Get to know your Kris Kringle

Having a water-cooler chat with your Kris Kringle is a great way to find out their likes and interests so you won’t be stuck when it comes to selecting the perfect gift. Getting to know your colleagues not only helps with gift giving, but it also makes your workplace a better place to be - you never know who might have a talent for fixing printer jams or who keeps a stash of snacks in their top drawer!

2. When it comes to your gift, think practical (and a bit playful)

A guaranteed way to make your Kris Kringle’s day is to buy them something they’ll actually use. Whether it’s a new leather notebook, novelty USB or a personalised mug for their morning coffee, your Kris Kringle will appreciate a gift that doesn’t need to be tucked away in the cupboard. Try to make your gift something that your Kris Kringle will be able enjoy outside of work too – think stylish leather diary rather than a new stapler.

3. Make it meaningful with a message

Your gift doesn’t have to end with the wrapping. Give your Kris Kringle a mood-boosting message to go along with their gift that is guaranteed to stick with them after they’ve ripped off the sticky tape. The holiday season is a great time to let someone know that they’re a valued member of your workplace. Whether they provide the laughs after long meetings or always smile when you walk past them in the hall, every colleague will appreciate some kind words.

In the end, remember it’s the thought that counts. Think personal, practical and meaningful, and you’ll find it easy to conquer your office Kris Kringle gift, and make a few new friends along the way!

Our Kris Kringle gift list

At Officeworks, we’ve got a gift for every personality in your office. Our Officeworks team members have put together a list of gift ideas that are perfect for anyone in your workplace.


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