How executive assistant Anna Sythong manages her epic workload

How executive assistant Anna Sythong manages her epic workload

 Work life can sometimes feel like a marathon; but for Team Epic’s Anna Sythong, her work could be compared to a triathlon. 

As an executive assistant to five general managers and an office manager, Anna has to stay ahead of the game.

Anna is an MVP of sports marketing agency, Team Epic. A normal workday for her includes managing contractors, scheduling meetings for her five general managers, handling finances and payroll, and drafting proposals.


Executive assistant and office manager Anna Sythong has a winning formula for being organised and productive at work.


“My role varies greatly and it’s also influenced by the sports calendar,” she says.
Anna admits that her to-do list can double, especially towards the end of the year.

With such a diverse and demanding role, it’s no surprise that Anna is a productivity and office management all-star.

Block out distractions

Working in a large office can be loud and distracting, but Anna overcomes distractions by blocking out the noise.

“I always keep a set of headphones nearby to help drown out noise and keep me focused.”

Minimise down-time by working on the go

Anna’s involvement in sports usually has her working off-site, so she’s learned to work efficiently on the go.

“Whether it’s running errands or assisting at sports games, I’m always carrying my iPad around.”

She sees no issues sending emails and doing tasks that she would normally consider doing on a PC, on her iPad and phone. She keeps all her devices synced so she always has important files on-hand.

“It’s important to keep connected, so I lean on portable power packs to charge my devices when I’m on the move”, she adds.

Take breaks

While some might think Anna works constantly just so she can keep on top of her to-do list, she believes it’s important to take breaks.

“Never underestimate the ability of a break to positively impact productivity!”
Taking time away from her desk means she’s less likely to burn out, she says.

Learn to delegate

Anna also recommends outsourcing work to avoid being overwhelmed. “Officeworks is actually literally my one-stop shop.

I can purchase everything from stationery supplies to kitchen and cleaning products. 

I can also palm off any large amounts of print and copy I need doing simply by dropping it off, and collecting when ready – easy!”

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