Five apps to work smarter on the go

If you’re a working professional or business owner, you’ll likely lose around five hours of productivity each week due to travel or being away from the workplace.

That’s 35 working days a year. Moving between places, however, doesn’t mean your productivity has to suffer.
With a few helpful apps, you can automate time-consuming tasks to ensure no time is wasted.

Here are a few you might want to add to your phone’s home screen.

Slack, a popular email alternative

SLACK: a better alternative to email

Slack is a messaging platform that makes interacting with your workmates easier.

According to the company, Slack places “all your team communication in one place, instantly searchable, available wherever you go”.
It also supports file sharing and a bunch of nifty features that will help reduce your email load and improve the way you speak with your team.

Download Slack

My Minutes, personal time manager

MY MINUTES: your personal time manager

My Minutes saves you time by encouraging you to stick to daily goals.

Only want to set aside an hour to emails? My Minutes tracks your time so you can focus on the things that matter.
You can also see a weekly view of how you’re performing, and see how much time you’ve saved.

Download My Minutes on the App Store

Workflow, automation app

WORKFLOW: automate your world

Workflow performs all those little tasks you need to undertake each day.

You can add a home screen icon that calls a loved one, have your phone read a webpage aloud, sync your calendar with Uber so the app automatically organises an Uber driver for upcoming meetings, and more.
The possibilities are endless.

Download Workflow on the App Store

Evernote, organising your notes

EVERNOTE: organise your notes

Over 100 million people use Evernote for a reason: it’s the ultimate productivity app.

Evernote lets you store and sync your notes, files, voice memos, images and move between all your devices. Handy!

Download Evernote

Pushbullet, sharing information across devices

PUSHBULLET: share information across devices

This free app “connects your devices, making them feel like one”.

For example, if you found directions to an event on your laptop, Pushbullet will also send them to your smartphone.
The app is perfect for when you need to quickly move information from your computer to smartphone and vice versa.

Download Pushbullet

These are just a few simple apps that can help streamline your workday and save time.
Keep an eye out for new apps on the Apple Store or Google Play so you can stay ahead at work.





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