Five airport hacks for travelling professionals

Five airport hacks for travelling professionals

The journey to the airport, through security and back home is often more time-consuming and draining than the flight itself.

However, with a few simple tricks, you can lift your travel skills sky-high to remain productive on the go.

Send texts and make calls with Google Voice

Getting more than one bar of reception at an airport is like striking gold.

But if you connect to airport WiFi, you don’t need reception or data to make calls and send texts.
Use Google Voice and Hangouts to chat with colleagues, friends and family while in transit.

Just remember, you might have to pay to access WiFi at the airport.

Powerbanks save lives…of your mobile and tablet batteries

Let’s be honest, you probably spend too much time doing not much while you’re in transit.

Which means you’re likely to need your phone or tablet to enable you to work through some to-dos or emails if you can.
And seeing 3 per cent battery life is pretty anxiety-inducing.

Earlybird travellers quickly snap up the available electricity points to charge their devices, but you can cruise along without a worry if you remember to bring a powerbank.
They’re more of a lifesaver than you realise.

Just remember to check the compatibility with your devices before you pick one up.

Photograph your parking space

Airport car parks are multi-level juggernauts.

Walking off a long flight only to spend an hour searching for your car because you forgot where it’s parked is a terrible feeling.
Simply taking a few photos of your car park section can save you any post-flight hassles.

Use a tablet with a keyboard rather than your laptop

There are many advantages to taking a tablet with you on-board rather than a laptop.

When proceeding through security, laptops need to be placed in their own tray (especially in the USA) whereas tablets can usually be left in your bag.
Furthermore, tablets are lighter to carry and most airlines allow you to use them during take-off whereas laptops need to be stowed away.

This means that while you’re waiting to board, if you find yourself having a strong burst of productivity, you can keep working away without any worries after you board.

Investigate what's happening at your airport before you leave

From traffic to flight delays, there are several reasons that might make you late for a meeting after you land.

With apps like Google Maps and the ability to check flight statuses through your airline, you should have live updates at your fingertips.
A quick, two-minute check can save you hours of wasted time.

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