How to motivate casual employees

As a small and medium business owner, there may come a time where you need to rely on contractors or casuals to help grow your business.

But, with less buy-in to your company vision and mission, how do you get the best of their knowledge during a short-term period?  

Whether it’s for one week or one year, HR and Workplace experts from Employsure say there are a number of ways you can engage casual or contract  team members.

Introducing casual employees to other members of the team and showing them around the workspace and local cafes, are simply yet effective ways to make the new person feel included. Sharing your business goals and how they can contribute to the success of your business is also another way you can motivate them to bring their best self to work.

Additionally, setting clear goals and expectations from day one will also give them something to work towards, especially if you’re busy managing other tasks across the business. Ensuring that you recognise and appreciate the inputs of casuals and contractors is another great way to boost their morale, increase their productivity and keep them engaged with your business The team at Employsure show you how to motivate short-term employees from day one.


How to empower short-term employees

Develop an induction process:

• Introduce them to the team
• Provide a tour of the workspace and facilities
• Share your business vision
• Cover off safety policies and procedures
• Organise information technology (laptop, desk phone, email address)

Set goals and deadlines:

• Talk through their role and performance measurement
• Delegate and set deadlines for tasks
• Take the time to check in with them

Make them feel part of the team:

• Set them up with a workspace buddy
• Take them to lunch and tea/ coffee breaks
• Organise a team outing in their first few weeks
• Give praise and recognition


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