How your leadership style impacts your business growth

Steven Deveraux Stanford’s small business journey started with a single need – to address a bothersome skin condition for man’s best friend.

“I was inspired by the needs of my miniature Schnauzer, Cooper, and the lack of high quality, natural Australian made pet products on the market,” he says.

The solution? Ivory Coat Companion Goods. The brand, which launched in 2013 with only Deveraux Stanford at the helm, now comprises a full range of pet food and care products available internationally through more than 650 retail outlets.


Deveraux Stanford says as his businesses grows and changes, so too does his leadership style.

He recognises that as a leader, he can’t be “too many things to too many people”, and focuses on his building out his team with expertise and skills that complement his own.

He says the key to growing his business and being a successful “boss” is his constant reinvention of his leadership style to suit the needs of the business and his ever-growing team at each stage of the journey.




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