How to harness the power of collaboration

Every small business faces the same challenges when it comes to growth – how do I ideate, create and innovate when I’m on my own?

According to Janine Garner, networking and leadership expert, founder and CEO of the LBDGroup, and author of two books It’s Who You Know and From Me to We – the answer is collaboration.

“The business landscape is changing at an incredibly fast pace. The future is one of uncertainty and constant challenges, and that ‘Me’ space you’ve lived in for so long isn’t enough anymore,” she says.

Instead, to have long-term success, small businesses need to engage and understand the value of having a team behind them, Garner says.

“They will need to embrace the worth of commercial collaboration, and enter the ‘We’ space.”

She says by moving from ‘Me’ to ‘We’ small business owners can build a highly engaged and motivated community that is invested in your ongoing success.




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A fine balance: The art of delegating and why you should practise it

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Making collaboration work for you

Making collaboration work for you

Fresh ideas, being challenged and pushing yourself further than you thought possible – collaboration could just be the secret ingredient to expanding your business.