Why your business should embrace new technology

When it comes to upgrading technology, business owners need to think more like a consumer. We often jump at the opportunity to upgrade our mobile phone, even if our current model is only 18-months old and working perfectly.

However, when it comes to updating technology in the workplace, it’s often more of a “maybe later” situation. Regular technology updates help keep your business secure, your employees happy and efficient, and gives you an advantage when it comes to your competitors.

The tech pain points

Slow, outdated computers and intermittent internet connection leads to frustration in the workplace. Similar to mobile phones, computer power advances every year. Providing your employees with access to new software and upgraded tools will give them the confidence to work more productively.

Faster software means tasks will be completed more efficiently, and while these gains are often difficult to measure in hours, they are invaluable moments that your employees will thank you for.

Be tech adaptable

At the same time, it’s important not to rush out and “just get the same thing” in the newest iteration. Re-think everything;
• Why do we need this device?
• What is it primarily used for?
• What is the main set of tasks required of the person in this role?

Match the device you purchase to the needs of the role and the user, and consider the whole business as part of that decision.

For examples, if your business promotes flexible working hours, you may be better placed purchasing a laptop or 2-in-1 convertible device, rather than new desktop computers and monitors. Mobility is not just a buzz word; it’s a way of working.

While we’re talking mobile, don’t just think laptops. Tablet devices can be paired with a touch keyboard, allowing employees to produce documents, emails, and even invoices on-the-go.

Ensure your business is secure

Outdated computers feature outdated operating systems, and they are often unsupported by the manufacturer or software creator which can leave you in the dark from a security perspective.

Through email scams and random scans of connected devices, hackers are able to find people using old, vulnerable software and hardware. When an outdated device is located, hackers are able to obtain passwords or encrypt valuable business data – sometimes asking for a ransom to be paid before it’s returned.

Imagine all your budget and forecasting documents went missing. Imagine your staff records and client information was unable to be opened. That’s the risk of ransomware. It’s frightening, but with up to date hardware and internet security software you can stay protected.

Consider cloud-based software

Cloud computing is an enabler for businesses to run more efficiently. Anything stored in “the cloud” is backed up continually, it’s available 24/7 and available on any device you own. This means regardless of whether you’re at home or at work, you have access to the files and data you need.

Cloud software can also help monitor cash flow. Prior to the cloud, manual processes were a limiting factor for business owners. Implementing cloud accounting software allows you to manage the back end of the business, linking to your bank account as well as your operational system.

Updating business tech and investing new software means the playing field between large and smaller businesses has been levelled, so take advantage of this to ensure the success and safety of your business moving forward.


Trevor Long

Trevor Long is a technology journalist with over 20 years’ experience in the media. Trevor hosts a weekly radio show on 2UE called Talking Tech and is often seen providing technology commentary across Channel 9’s, A Current Affair and the Today Show nationally. Trevor is the co-founder and publisher of EFTM, an online site covering all things motoring, lifestyle and technology and produces two of the most popular podcasts in Australia.