Is your workspace "smart"?

Many small businesses operate out of a home or small space. And technological advancements have created home office equipment like printers, scanners, and desk lamps that ‘talk’ to each other, making it easy for business owners to carry out tasks.

Smart home offices have proved time and again to be good for employee productivity. They save the company time and space, and help business owners manage their operational costs and save energy as well. Mundane tasks such as locking doors, adjusting the room temperature and checking who is at the door are all carried out through an app. What a lot of people don’t realize is that while these ‘things’ are on your network, they usually require an internet connection to communicate with each other.

Tech expert Trevor Long discusses why it's important for small businesses to consider "connecting" their workspace. 


Trevor Long

Trevor Long is a technology journalist with over 20 years’ experience in the media. Trevor hosts a weekly radio show on 2UE called Talking Tech and is often seen providing technology commentary across Channel 9’s, A Current Affair and the Today Show nationally. Trevor is the co-founder and publisher of EFTM, an online site covering all things motoring, lifestyle and technology and produces two of the most popular podcasts in Australia.