The brand collateral your business is missing

You’ve got the concept, vision, tools and execution locked down and your business is really starting to charge along. Now it’s time to take things to the next level with some polished touches that will make your business stand out from the pack.

Developing different pieces of marketing is an effective way to put forward a consistent business message, look and feel. Plus, done well, it should also help you attract and ideally, convert sales.

There are many ways you can market and promote your business but these eight essentials will help you push ahead with impact and add a hit of professionalism as well.

Begin a brand guidelines document

Help future designers or team members understand how to visually represent your brand.

Help future designers or team members understand how to visually represent your brand.

Brand guidelines are a document that explains how your logo should and shouldn’t be used, how images and text should be composed, what font types to use and what colour palette is available.

Your brand guidelines will initially to support you in creating consistent branding across all the areas of your marketing suite, and will be invaluable as you grow and add more people to your team – as you can hand it over for them to refer to when needed. You can also share it with external suppliers who might be producing marketing collateral for you, to minimise any errors.

Create easily editable pitch and proposal documents


Create an easy-to-edit template that allows you to maximise your branding and showcase your ideas professionally.

While there are templates available on programs like PowerPoint and Keynote, designing a compelling document can be daunting if you’re not a designer. To get the job done with ease, you could engage a graphic designer to create a template that you can simply edit for each new pitch – this will allow you to customise things for each sale but also save time and maintain a top-level look.

Build powerful product brochures and sell sheets


A streamlined sell sheet gives customers a way to remember your sales message.

A great brand brochure will promote your business and reinforce your sales message long after you’ve finished your pitch. They also offer the ability for “pass around”, further spreading the word about what you can offer.

Use high resolution imagery and consistent fonts throughout, and be creative with your paper stock and colour choices. Plus, always save a digital PDF of your brochure, and email a copy to your contact after you’ve met in person.

Make an impact with digital and printed 


A streamlined sell sheet gives customers a way to remember your sales message.

Proposals, invoices and contracts will be required as your business grows, and a professionally produced letterhead will ensure consistency across each document and allow you to make a polished connection.

There are many templates available online that you can use as a base to create your own unique look and feel. A handwritten note at the end of a thank you letter can add a personal, long-lasting touch.

Sign off with style

Email Signature

Use your email signature to share business information, insight about your company and its success or values.

Your email signature is a programmed ‘blurb’ that appears at the bottom of the emails you send. Generally, it contains essential business contact information, along with your logo, name and role in the company.

Take advantage of this space to promote your social media channels, company news, or share a touch of personality with an interesting fact about your company. To keep your branding consistent, engage a graphic designer to create a signature that shines.

Jump start your digital presence 

Digital Presence

Your digital presence is working, even when you’re not.

Your website and social media handles are open 24 hours a day, so it’s important that your digital assets look professional, clear and appealing. This means using high quality images, sized for the right purpose. For example, a Facebook cover image and profile picture are a set size, as is an Instagram profile image, so you (or a designer) will need to consider the dimensions for each space.

There are many intuitive and inexpensive options available for you to bolster your digital presence. For example, Canva offers free graphic design templates for social media imagery and digital newsletters.

Fine tune a hardworking brand logo

Brand Logo


Your business logo immediately delivers a first impression of your brand. It sets the tone and differentiates you from your competitors. Perhaps you had a basic one to begin, but now is the time to fine tune and lock down your perfect logo as you grow and expand your business.

Enlist a designer to fine tune your current brand logo. They will understand things like colour impact, balance, printing considerations and more. Consider how you will ultimately use your logo as it may affect the style and colour choices.

Leave a lasting impression with high impact business cards

Business Cards

With business cards, you can leave a physical presence behind, rather than just a fleeting handshake.

A business card is a physical reminder you can leave behind with someone – whether they’re a potential investor, partner, customer or client. It also allows you to demonstrate your personality and unique points of value. The best business cards are the ones that deliver your brand identity and business details clearly.

When it comes to printing, try experimenting with a range of stock types and finishes until you find the perfect fit. Consider how your customers (and you) will handle and store the cards. For example, if you’re a tradesman, a magnet or card with thicker or gloss stock will be more practical when shared with potential customers while on the job.