A deep-dive into the small business landscape: Australian Small Business Pulse

With the Australian Small Business Pulse, Officeworks delves into the minds of nearly 900 small business owners across six key industries, uncovering insights into their thinking, priorities and challenges.

Driven by control and ambition, small business owners start out to seek better work/life balance and control their own destiny. Due to greater responsibility and workload, stress is expectedly on the rise, with nearly half claiming increased stress levels in the past year.

They're also facing personal and financial challenges when it comes to hiring and training their team. While they appreciate the value in up-skilling employees, they have concerns that these employees will take their new expertise elsewhere. Technology will continue to be a priority for small businesses, with the majority of owners believing it integral to the landscape and wanting the government to further invest in initiatives like the NBN to support their thriving digital presence.

When it comes to making decisions, the small business owner community is divided based on an appetite for risk. Those who take more risk are more likely to invest in the potential growth of their business, but regardless of appetite, current business finances remain the deciding factor.

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