Small business success is all about planning, process and implementation

For Antonette Golikidis, the founder of organic baby skincare line Little Innoscents, distraction is the biggest downfall to productivity.


Golikidis, who considers herself a ‘natural planner’ says the key to keeping her business running and staying on top of everything she does is to be focused.

“I try not to get caught up in time wasters like email and social media,” she says.

“When I am on email, it’s because I’m working on a task to do with that email. I’m very much focused on planning, process and implementation.”

She says while it takes effort and time to create and implement good processes, it’s worth it – especially for small businesses.

“It may take time at the start, but in the long run it can save you hours,” she says. “And when you bring new people into the business it means they can hit the ground running.”