Riding the wave of small business ownership

Starting a business is a huge achievement, and often the culmination of a lot of hard work and planning for many entrepreneurs.

But navigating the world of business is an ongoing challenge. The speed of economic and technological changes means that you’re constantly required to innovate, to improve, or to do things differently. There’s always new competitors to face, new clients to win or more customers to reach.

And that dedication to achieve more – and the long hours and the volume of work that comes part-and-parcel with small business ownership, can sometimes feel overwhelming.

The Australian Small Business Pulse, a new report by Officeworks, which surveyed more than 900 small business across six key industries, showed that Aussie business owners are feeling the pressure, but are also positive about the future, especially as they start to develop networks, bring on trusted employees and make the shift from working in the business, to working on the business.

Realising you’re not alone

Coping with everything alone is also one of the most common challenges small business owners face. In the early days – when your business is just starting out – you feel like you must be an expert on everything.

Marketing, finance, accounts receivable and payable, business development, customer service – you’re responsible for it all, even if it’s not really your area of expertise.

Luckily in this day-and-age, there are a range of businesses, experts, and technology platforms you can lean on to make the day-to-day running of your business easier. From prepaid business services, to cloud software programs, small business mentoring services or useful small business blogs and resources, knowing who and when to ask for help is essential when the challenges seem insurmountable.

Growing, step by step

As your business grows, so does your role. The time will come to move away from the day-to-day and bring on more people to get the job done, do you can start building a culture, vision, and growth strategy for your business.

While you may not have your own HR department (yet!) there are a range of great resources available at to help set you up for success. Whether you need tips on how to win the best talent, advice for recruiting new employees or checklists to help you transition from home-business to an external workplace, information is at your fingertips with useful sites like WorkWise and LinkedIn.

Finding new clients and customers

You’re set up, you’ve got a great offer and you’ve got the right team on board. Now you need to grow your customer or client base and keep nurturing those lead.

Resources such as our guides to or nailing your social media set up, building a customer database, or developing new skills with online courses, can help you navigate new environments, or identify new opportunities (even locate small business grants) to help you grow and succeed.

Making the most of every day

No matter how hard you work, or what processes you have in place, business is a rapidly moving beast and there is always room for improvement or innovation.

But taking time out to consider your productivity or maintain your wellbeing are just as important as nailing that new pitch or opening a new location.

And, 37% of business owners surveyed in the Australian Small Business Pulse identified effective time management one of their biggest personal challenges.

That’s why learning more about simple solutions for managing your workload, such as making email work for you, avoiding time wasting traps or re-invigorating your plans for the new year, keeping up to date with new trends, solutions will give you a new lease on life when you hit struggle town.

It’s examples such as these little tips, information and advice that can help you work through your day-to-day challenges and make bigger things happen in your small business.

To find out more about the current state of small business in Australia download our Australian Small Business Pulse