Growing a side hustle into a successful business

Sarah Holloway was working as a mergers and acquisitions lawyer when she stumbled across matcha lattes as an alternative to coffee. Having discovered this gap in the Australian market, she and her partner did some research and invested in a blend, and Matcha Maiden was born.

Matcha Maiden offers an online selection of organic matcha blends and business is booming, thanks to matcha’s innumerable health benefits. Sarah has also opened up a specialty matcha café in Melbourne, Matcha Mylkbar, which has an entirely plant-based menu of delectable matcha-infused meals and beverages.

Sarah side hustled for six months before making Matcha Maiden her full time job, putting in long hours at her law firm before heading home to work on her business. She highlights passion as an important motivator in getting her through the challenges of running a small business.