Embracing challenges to create a side hustle success

Ash Bent was no stranger to running a business the day he committed to working on Sketch & Etch full time.

Bent ran a drone filming business and Sketch & Etch side-by-side for a year, before deciding to make the leap.

That leap was dedicating himself entirely to the custom signage and neon business he ran in Geelong with business partner, Tash Craven.

The ability to control the business focus and depend entirely upon his own work ethic are the two elements that Bent says helped him push through the fear of running a business.

Bent says new business owners should plan out their top three priorities each day, focus on what’s important (over what’s urgent), and to know that a little chaos is normal.

He also says it’s the people that are the most important asset to any successful small business. Perks like canine colleagues, unlimited coffee and unconditional support means a happy team, and ultimately, a happy CEO.