DIY: Create a charge station to store gadgets
on your desk

A challenging part of designing a workspace is finding clever ways to keep jumbles of cords and cables tidy. Tangled wires can often clutter well-designed spaces.

Officeworks challenged Allison, DIY and design guru from Utterly Organised, to give our cables a makeover, without breaking the bank. Her solution was to take ordinary items and make them extraordinary with a little office hack.

Using just a document drawer, a powerboard, a blade and some tape, Allison created a ‘recharge’ station for the phones, cameras and other gadgets that need charging. Such a simple but very clever idea!

She first removed the inner drawer of the unit and attached the powerboard to the back of the tray using electrical tape.


Then, Allison cut the back of the inner tray with a sharp blade so that the extension cord can fit through.


She drilled a circular hole at the wall of the outer unit, aligning it with the cut she makes above the plug.


After ensuring the plug points are in, she pulled the cord out the back of the unit. Then to allow the cords to feed through the top create a tidy hole in the top of the drawer unit, Allison screwed in a door latch (with a shallow depth screw).


Allison enlarged the inner latch hole around the edge with a drill and then cut out the rest using a sharp blade. She pulled the wires through the hole, and viola! The recharging station is ready to go.


Allison’s DIY solution can help every desk look its best. Everything is neat and organised – there’s even some space in the little drawer and on top of the unit for extra storage!