Four handy hacks to creating a cleaner,
more organised workspace

It’s always great to find simple, quick and cost-effective ways to repurpose products around the office. Make the most of your workspace with these office hacks.

1. Keyboard Cleaner

Firstly, disinfect your keyboard with anti-bacterial wipes. Then you can get rid of dirt, crumbs and dust using either a Post-it note, Scotch tape or a Q-tip. Keep your keyboard neat by doing this once a week.


2. Magazine File Wall Shelf

Transform an empty magazine file into a simple wall-mounted corner shelf. All you need to do is create two holes in the back and bottom of the magazine file, insert hooks then attach the adhesive sides of the hooks to a corner wall. Decorate it with a picture frame or cute mug and you’re done!

office hacks filing folders shelf
Use adhesive hooks attached to magazine file holders to create a shelf

3. Tablet Wall Mount

Turn your tablet into a makeshift monitor using adhesive hooks. Secure 3-4 hooks on the wall in the shape of your tablet, slide your tablet in and it’s ready to go!

Wall mounted tablet

4. Cord organiser

Attach a group of bulldog clips to the back of your desk. Thread each cable that you need to connect to your laptop or computer through the handle of the bulldog clip, then plug each into your computer. No more tangled cords! Who knew bulldog clips were so useful?

Use bulldog clips to organise and detangle your computer cords Source: