photographer and stylist Erin Maxwell


Fashion photographer, stylist and Instagram star Erin Maxwell created the Love Shop Share blog in late 2011 to share her personal style to an audience and inspire others.

Officeworks spoke to her about her style, blending professional and personal looks, and the new Jonathan Adler range.


As a photographer and stylist, Pinterest and blogging are natural outlets for your creativity. What style trends have you been sharing lately?

As we all know, metals are still big influences to add into your style as a contrast to the themes you work with.

Copper has been huge but I have always been a lover of gold as my black, white, grey and neutrals pair back so well with it.

Could just be me as it’s my style, but Nordic influences are perfect for the upcoming summer and festive season.


What is it about the special objects you find that make you want to share them with the world?

Everyone has a style and knows when they are browsing what catches their eye, whether it be bright colours or prints or like me a minimal, clean approach. With such broad themes it’s these special touches that make it your own.

Fashion is a strong element of my lifestyle and so items involving high fashion brands and imagery are what sets my style apart from the next person, particularly in the way my home is styled.


As a stylist whose philosophy revolves around minimalist and chic design, what are some good ways to add ‘chic’ into otherwise minimalist workspaces?

I find that choosing three colours or tones to work around keeps everything aligned and helps create a sharper and cleaner overall look.

A highlight of gold or another metallic used sparingly gives the theme a bit of personality.

Don’t over-style with candles and too much imagery and print, but ratherwork to a ‘less is more’ philosophy.


Your home is really a kind of workspace, since so much of what you share is about your lifestyle. How do you find ways to blend your professional and personal styles, or is there even a difference between the two?

As my work is all about my style and my life – they can’t help but merge together.

My love for fashion affects all areas of my styling and these elements flow from my wardrobe onto my desk, bathroom etc.

Prints, candles, perfumes and even my Acne leather jacket are a part of my decor.


When you think about the workspaces you’ve had since you were a student, are there any constants in the way you carve out spaces for thinking and doing? What makes you feel comfortable and productive?

I always need mood boards and beautiful images around me to inspire me.

Since digital media has been such a massive influence on our lives, there is so much inspiration around to keep pushing me to create.

I am still and have always been a list-maker and need to always have a pen and paper/diary/art pads around rather than a digital note system.

I love notebooks and use them in my styling.


Jonathan Adler’s new ranges for Officeworks have a very distinctive style using starkly contrasting colours. How would you pair these new designs to your workspace for a minimalist chic?

The use of black is so powerful in styling, as it’s strong and bold without being too busy.

The splashes of gold with this monochrome palette is perfect for my space and will work with my existing space rather than having to start at square one to reinvent my look.


Designer Jonathan Adler has gained a global following by finding inspiration everywhere. Where do you find your inspiration?

Again through fashion and imagery. The way that we dress and the trends that come across in brands and their campaigns affect the tone of the season.

Whether it be the colours or styling attributes, we can take these into our home and decor. I love the fact that we have so many outlets for creative inspiration.

As individuals we all have our own flavour, so when browsing the pages of Vogue or scrolling through Pinterest, the things that catch our eye are a reflection of our style.

I edit through products based on my wardrobe sticking to my minimal chic taste.


What do you find exciting about the Jonathan Adler range at Officeworks? When you think about the collection, what do you want to “Love, Shop and Share” with the world?

Merging a talent like Jonathan Adler with our daily work needs is brilliant.

Having a stylish workspace keeps you inspired and pushes you to make what you are working on a success, especially having items surrounding you created by other successful and powerful people.

Just as Vogue drives me, the Jonathan Adler range is set to inspire and bring a piece of art to your daily grind.