Office style: Ditch the corporate look, embrace your own creative style

Jen Bishop’s website explains her perfectly: she’s an Interiors Addict. Having that addiction has taught her a lot of great ways to bring personality to a room through design and style. She gave Work Style a few great ideas about how to bring new life to office spaces.
Interiors Addict founder Jen Bishop has great advice to help style your workspace.

Think an office space needs to look corporate and sensible? Forget about it, Jen says. She’d much rather see a workspace that is vibrant, shows creativity and that showcases inspirational places and spaces.

Creating personality in a workspace can be as simple as introducing the right colour scheme, Jen says.
“Choose a colour scheme that balances your mood and energy.”
Minimalists might favour a classic black and white scheme, while eccentric people wanting to invigorate and inspire others could decorate with vibrant colours. A pastel palette could be just the trick for those who want to create a calming space that helps people to concentrate, Jen says.

But she warns to be careful about how many colours you decorate with.
“It really comes down to the rule of three – pick two contrasting colours and one base neutral.”
That colour combination could be black and white with a feature blonde timber, or even white with splashes of aqua and pink.
Jen recommendations using “only small touches of the most prominent colour”.
“[You could] pair your white desk and chair with aqua and hot pick accessories [so] the pink will pop without being overbearing.”

Adding textures could also help to personalise a space, Jen says. Timber is simple texture to introduce using furniture, while linen or even leather could add some sophisticated or edgy touches.

Jen encourages people to decorate each desk too. She believes plants, artwork and photographs are great ways to personalise each person’s workspace.
“Create levels by placing a small pot plant to one side of your desk and stack colour-coordinated or contrasting books on the other.
“A feature lamp or rug can also add character to a space [too].”

She says even the smallest personal touches, like bright stationery or accessories for your tech, can help inject personality into a workspace.
“If you’re contemporary and understated, tell that story with a soft leather tablet cover and a clear smartphone case, otherwise inject colour into your day with a bold laptop bag.
“That way you’ll never feel bored of the space you’re in.”

But a word to the wise: Jen says it’s easy to “overdo” styling.
“[Avoid creating] something that’s too busy on the eye.”
Jen says simply removing one or two style pieces can help you to avoid over-styling your office.