beauty and fashion blogger Sarah Jane Young


Sarah Jane Young is a lot of things – lifestyle blogger, Editor-in-Chief of fashion and beauty blog She is Sarah Jane and self-proclaimed “avid #girlpower kinda-gal."

Officeworks had a chat with her about expressing her style, inspiration and staying on top of fashion and beauty trends.


As a beauty and fashion blogger, you’ve built your career around sharing inspiration. What are some trends in fashion and beauty that you find most inspirational right now? How can Jonathan Adler’s new range from Officeworks be paired with these trends?

In my line of work I am always watching and experimenting with current seasonal trends. Whether it’s my wardrobe, home or office, I like to style them back with previous trends, as well as adding my own touch or twist.

I want people to look at my outfit or a space I have put together and say, “Wow, that’s so you!”

It seems that some of the hottest design and decorating trends for SS15 have been incorporated into Jonathan Adler’s new range from Officeworks.

These include nautical meets preppy, the revamped Chevron, bold colour accents, geometric patterns and old-meets-new. I personally love contrasting trends and making the design statement my own.

This range is also the perfect reason to revamp your office space for summer.


You’ve said your favourite inspirational quote is “Success is no accident”, by Brazilian football legend Pele. How does that message inspire you, both in your work and personal life?

Success is all relative and I believe it should only be measured by your own personal values.

It’s all about a bigger plan and then working backwards from that. You really do only get out what you put in.

However, we must also remember to reward ourselves along the way.

At the risk of sounding a little cliché and cheesy, I truly believe if you work hard and are good to those around you, great things will come your way.

Personal and professional success is also happiness and fulfilment, and only you can control this.


Within an office environment, what are some good ways for an individual to express his or her own personal style?

I am a big ‘systems-gal’ and need my office space to be organised (and looking pretty!) before I do anything.

It’s all about finding a balance between a space where you can work effectively and also be inspired by.

Whether you work in an office environment or from home, I think it’s important to make it your own and a space you are proud of.

I also like to re-decorate and tweak my office every so often, as I find this keeps it interesting and it means I get to shop, of course!


What do you look for in a personal workspace? What matters most to you when setting up your creative spaces?

A space that reflects me is number one. In order for my ‘creative juices’ to flow, I need a space that is not only clean and practical, but one that also inspires me.

A simple style philosophy that translates across pretty much all aspects of my lifestyle is “pretty and practical”.

Whether it’s my fashion choices, home or workspace styling, my choices need to function effectively, but look good doing so!


With your blogging career, you’re gathering and sharing inspiration related to beauty, fashion and being a mum. From your experience, what are some smart ways to blend work and life successfully?

It’s hard to answer this as it’s still a daily work-in-progress, but essentially it all comes back to effective time management.

A lot of people wrongly assume it’s easier to work from home, and while I love it, it has its pros and cons.

At times I do miss the human interaction with colleagues that most people would experience in a ‘normal’ work place, but being at home means I have a little more flexibility and freedom when it comes to separating family time with work time.

I think it’s also important when you work from home to keep it all in one space, as blurring these environments can often mean you never really switch off – something I am guilty of doing frequently.

I don’t know that anyone has 100 percent figured out this answer, but if they have, please give me a buzz!

This is also why I believe it’s so important to be in an office space where you are comfortable and one that reflects your style and systems.


Pink and navy are signature colours in Jonathan Adler’s new collection for Officeworks. What do you think is behind the magic of this glamorous colour contrast?

I am a girlie-girl and love styling with a variety of shades of pink.

Having said that, I also love contrasting combinations and bold prints.

What I love about the Jonathan Adler collection for Officeworks is its harmonious balance of femininity and don’t mess with this #girlboss!

The colours, patterns and blends within this range are also right on-point with SS15 hottest design trends

What are your must-have items from the Jonathan Adler range?

Is ‘everything’ an answer? This Jonathan Adler range has perfectly captured spring/summer hues and some of my favourite design trends.

I always love a good stripe, so the Jumbo Sticky Notes in Turtle Pink are one of my faves.

I adore the Suspension Files Foolscap in pink and navy, and am calling this a spring/summer twist on Greek-chic – this pattern is everything!

On a practical and pretty note, the stylish to-do lists are also amazing.


What are some other fun ways anyone can add a bit more glamour to their everyday?

We are all busy in our respective lives and routines, so incorporating a touch of glamour to our everyday is always a good idea.

Don’t be afraid that leading a glamorous and elegant life is unaffordable – it’s often the little things that make us feel most glamorous.

This could be burning a beautiful candle, listening to some sensual music, or some gorgeous fresh flowers.

When it comes to fashion you can also totally glam up your fave pair of trackies with a fab pair of sunglasses, a pop of colour on your lips or a wide-brim hat.

Channel that inner Audrey Hepburn! Living glamorously is also a frame of mind. Breathe, be peaceful and do what makes you happy.