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Interview with renowned designer Jonathan Adler about his exclusive stationery collection

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Of course bold patterns and animal motifs – designer Jonathan Adler’s signature style – had to feature his exclusive new stationery collection.

We took a moment to find out what his favourite piece from the collection is, and asked what his essential workspace items were.


OFFICEWORKS: You have a signature aesthetic that is famous the world over. How would you describe it and where do you think it comes from?

JONATHAN ADLER: Why, thank you! I can describe my aesthetic in three words: modern American glamour.

Why did you want to break into the stationery market?

I’m always looking for new canvasses for my favourite colours and patterns. I’m a restless designer – the more I make, the more I want to make.

How is designing stationery different from designing homewares?

Designing is always about solving problems.  How do I make the best-looking thing that actually functions well? This need is the same no matter what I’m designing.

What’s your favourite piece in your collection with Officeworks?

I’d have to pick the malachite magazine file: Reason one; it’s malachite and I’m mad for malachite.  And reason two; I always have a zillion magazines around and this perfectly corrals them.

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The malachite magazine file is Jonathan Adler’s favourite piece from his stationery range, exclusive to Officeworks.

What do you love about the colour palettes you chose for these two collections?

Everything. They’re chic and classique and groovy and graphic.


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Which pieces do you love best from Jonathan Adler’s stationery range, exclusive to Officeworks?

What should every person have in their home office and why?

A chic task light – on a dimmer.

Describe your personal workspace.

It’s a mess of samples, magazines, books, swatches, sketches, and random detritus from my travels that ends up on my desk. It’s chaos and I love it.

What inspires you to work your best, and why?

To be honest, this is an impossible question to answer. Creativity is an audacious and magical undertaking, and I try not to think about it too much.

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