Desks: Keep them squeaky clean or is messy best?


A tidy home is a tidy mind, so the old saying goes. Which would have to say a few not-so-great things for those of us who don’t uphold the mantra, right?

Well not quite – science says there are actually some benefits to being messy.

We recently asked you about your desk style, and found some interesting results.

Of our respondents, almost as many of you kept a messy desk as those of you who kept your workspace well organised.

Desk style examples

38.3% responded: “super clean and organised
– thank you!”
Leigh Standley c/o Flikr

Desk style examples

  37.8% responded: “I can’t see my desk – there   are too many things on it”

Desk style examples

15.6% responded: “All my accessories are colourco-ordinated”
Desk style examples

  8.3% responded: “I make it pretty with 
  photos and personal touches”

The results are in about what your desk style says about you.

According to a study psychologist Kathleen Voh conducted in 2013, the level of tidiness of a room affects how a person behaves.

Both orderly and disorderly rooms actually influenced some positive behaviours, like generosity and creativity.

If Voh’s study results are anything to go by, Officeworks fans are almost equally as generous as they are creative. Great result!

The three-scenario experiment by Vohfound people who were in an orderly room chose healthier snacks, donated more money and made more conventional,well-thought choices.

Those who were placed in a disorderly room were more creative and were more willing to try new things.

Voh’s findings suggest it was actually the environment that influenced the study participants’ behaviours, rather than the other way around.

So if you’re looking to make serious decisions about your work, perhaps get into the right headspace by giving your desk a tidy up.

But if you want to get those creative juices flowing, let loose and get a little messy.

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