How colour can impact your workspace

Colour can be the strongest, most powerful influence in a room. It can trigger emotions, inspire ideas and even alter states of mind. When it comes to decorating your workspace, choosing the right colour will help you define a style and create a mood.

Jacinta Preston is no stranger to the psychology of colours. The Sydney-based interior designer, writer, mother and entrepreneur has an artful talent for picking the right tones. Whether it’s redesigning a home or furnishing an office, she designs each space as a work of art. Jacinta shares how colours add character to a workspace.
Interior designer Jacinta Preston believes the colours you choose for a space define its mood and function.

What effect do colours have on a workspace?

Colour can be uplifting, mood enhancing, space making, light giving and mentally stimulating. It can change how your clients and employees feel in the space, so you can use colour to create a workspace where people feel happy to work.


How do you decide what colour to use?

Depending on what you’re looking for, picking a colour for your workspace can be as simple as choosing a mood. Warm colours make a workplace thrive while cool colours encourage calmness and serenity. Red is probably not the right colour for a spa, but it might be perfect for a PR office or fashion company.


Where do you use warm colours?

You can harness the energy of warm colours to excite and stimulate – it’s perfect for reception spaces, dining areas and corridors. Red is full of energy and helps bring people together. Yellow attracts attention while orange inspires creativity and enthusiasm. Just make sure you use warm colours sparingly; they’re attention-seeking colours that can cause feelings of caution and panic.


What about cool colours?

The fresh and calm characteristics of green help boost creativity and concentration, making it ideal for libraries and research labs. Blue is a favourite for stimulating productivity, but too much will make a workspace feel boring or corporate. Using warm and cool colours are great ways to provoke feelings but always remember that too much of a single colour might lead to overstimulation or dullness.

No matter what your office or workspace colour theme is, Officeworks strives to cater to your furnishing and interior design needs with an enormous range of furniture and office supplies in warm, cool and neutral colours.