Find your workspace style: One desk, five looks


We can spend at a lot of time at our workspace at home or in the office but how often do we take the time to make them inspiring places to work?

Showcasing your personality and putting your style stamp on your workspace can help you feel motivated and increase your creativity and productivity.

If you need a little inspiration about how to give your workspace character, we’ve curated five simple looks to suit different personalities.

The best part? Every look has the same desk, so you can see how easy it is to use the same key furniture to create unique styles.


The must-have Sorrento desk


Look 1: Scandi style

You can’t go wrong with Scandi style

Interior designers love the Scandinavian style because of its fresh palette of whites, woods and other natural textures, and pops of black.

You can also add soft pastel colours like peach or mint for a little bit of drama.

This Nordic look clean and simple – the perfect timeless style.


Look 2: Calm, coastal tones

A calming environment can help keep your mind clear and focused

Use whites, blues and natural tones like wood to design a really calming environment.

Creating a coastal feel for your workspace can help you to stay focused and feel relaxed as you work.

Interior designers often associate blue hues with confidence so incorporating blue into your workspace can give you the boost you need to create great work.


Look 3: Little bit of luxe

The luxe look is all about finding beautiful textures to work with

Luxe is a style people often associate with high prices, but it’s so simple to create a luxurious feel that won’t break the bank just by using the right textures.

Use textures like leather and cloth in dark colours to create a sophisticated vibe.

Chrome is another great finish to include when creating a luxe look.

Even little touches like a hardcover notebook can add an extra touch of class.


Look 4: All black

All-black workspace accessories create a timeless look

When in doubt, go black. It’s classic, sophisticated and it’s so easy to find lots of pieces you can style together.

The Sorrento desk provides a really nice soft base to layer black furniture and deck accessories without your workspace looking too dark.

If using all black feels a little too heavy for you, add touches of white or metallic tones to create a monochrome palette.


Look 5: Colour pop

A pop of colour can inject fun into your workspace

Using a bold colour in your workspace lots can create a really fun vibe.

Red, for example, is a powerful colour – it denotes passion and energy. But red’s not for everyone.

Find furniture and desk accessories in any colour you like that will inspire you to work creatively and productively.

Just be sure not to overdo the pops of colour.

White is a great neutral colour to complement your feature colour and keep your workspace from feeling crazy.