The value of bringing your personality
into your workspace


Jacinta Preston knows a thing or two about curating the perfect workspace.

She’s a Sydney based designer, writer, small business owner, and an overall super lady.

She speaks to Work Style about the importance of personalising your workspace.

Interior designer Jacinta Preston talks to Work Style about the value of personalising your workspace.

Why is it so important to personalise your workspace?


The workspaces we ‘live in’ can define who we are and inform how we feel and behave.

Companies like Google know all about this: In fact, they are leading the pack in creating inspiring workspaces.

Taking their lead, I'm all about creating workspaces that encourage employees to celebrate their individuality, and inspiring them to work and play hard.


Where do you even begin?


It’s all about expressing you. Tell a story, your story!

The easiest way to do that is with images, photos, certificates and awards.


What benefits do you get from a personal workspace makeover?

Personalising your workspace is good for you!

Research shows adding personal touches to your workspace improves job satisfaction and even makes us more efficient. We all have a strong need to ‘make our mark’.

The need to personalise could be as simple as staking the claim ‘this space is mine’.

It also fosters an emotional connection with your environment.

Adding creature comforts can build a sense of security and stability.


And what about the cost?


Customising your workspace is as good for you as it is for your company’s bottom line.

High staff morale creates a bustling, productive, and efficient workspace with reduced staff turnover.

Crafting a personal workspace also expresses your commitment and investment to your environment, work and most importantly, your workmates.