How colour can change the mood of
your office space


Artist Ling McGregor celebrates colour in her beautiful portraits.

So it’s little wonder she loves to incorporate colour into her workspace to stay inspired.

The colours selected for a space can change the mood it sets.

From fresh whites that encourage light, to a storm of bold colours that create a energising feel, Ling shows us how to set the mood of your workspace through stationery and desk accessories.


Calming blues


There’s just something about combining fresh whites with different tones of blue that make you feel like you’re staring at clouds, deep in thought.

Because blues are calming, a workspace filled with blue tones can encourage focus.

Blue hues and fresh whites create a thought-provoking atmosphere.

Soft pinks


Florals and pastel pinks create a perfectly feminine space.

Adding darker colours and neutrals can help add depth and maturity to the palette.

Interior designers often praise soft pinks for creating a comforting vibe, so you can feel calm while your work.

Soft pinks give a gentle, feminine vibe.

Tropical fun


Who wouldn’t feel upbeat and inspired looking at this tropical space?

Complete the look with potted indoor foliage to bring your desk, and your mind, to life.

Just don’t get too carried away with matching bold colours: keep some plain, neutral tones to create balance, as Ling has done.

Bright orange hues, blues, greens and other natural tones give a tropical vibe to freshen your workspace.

Dramatic purples

Using a gradient of one colour, like the purples in this look, create drama and depth.

It can be done with any colour, but will feel more moody if styled using cool colours like blues, purples and greens.

On the other hand, warm colours like reds, oranges and yellows can help create an energising space.

Create a dramatic look with a graduating palette of a colour, like purple.