Office makeover: David Flack styles
Lana Wilkinson’s workspace


Celebrity stylist Lana Wilkinson admits to having expensive taste.

Whether she’s styling a client or styling her workspace, Lana likes high-end pieces (that can sometimes come with designer price tags).

But highly-regarded interior architect David Flack, of Flack Studio, will help change her mind about the price of style.

How Lana styled her office before David Flack gave it a fresh look

Keep your design ideas simple


David says it’s most important to pick one design idea or aesthetic for your room and stick to it.

“A single vision with repetition is often most effective,” he says

David incorporated furniture and accessories that kept the design clean and simple.

Select furniture to represent your brand


David recommends finding furniture that creates character.

While it’s important to find options that serve practical purposes, you can also inject a bit of fun and luxury, he says.

He adds it’s important to find quality pieces that can “withstand the day-in, day-out of office activity”.

But remember, quality doesn’t have to mean pricey.

Use different accessories to add character to your workspace like Moleskine notebooks

Create cohesion in your workspace


David suggests aligning your stationery and accessories to a colour group or style range to ensure your office looks uncluttered, organised and inviting.

When David was redesigning Lana’s space, he kept her original white palette through much of the new furniture, but also incorporated chrome, light browns and navy.

Using different textures in your space creates an interesting dynamic.

Consider texture in your interior design

David recommends selecting practical, simple and durable finishes.

“Layer different textures to create warmth and visual interest - not everything has to match,” he says


Lighting makes a big impact


Lighting can change the feel of a room. David says task lighting is essential.

Task lighting is an important practical element of your workspace.

But it’s important not to make a space too bright: “It can assault the senses”.

“Let natural light in to create a balanced ambiance,” David says.


Little details complete your space


Small details like indoor plants or flowers add nuance to your workspace and make it feel fresh.

“You could add a scented candle, stacks of beautiful books or sculptural objects to bring personality and liveliness to your office environment,” David advises.


The verdict: what Lana Wilkinson thinks of her new office space


Lana asked David to create a luxe look, which he styled for less than $1000.

The budget included all the furniture, desk accessories and stationery.

“In a couple of words, I love it. It is clean and organised,” Lana says.

And it transformed Lana’s space into what could only be described as a marriage of function and style.