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World Globes

Fandex Desk Swivel Globe The Fandex Swivel Globe has a sturdy base to keep it propped up on your desk. It's ideal for learning all about new countries and places in the home or classroom. Micador Blue Ocean World Globe 30cm This Micador Blue Ocean World Globe is perfect for use at home or school to learn about the Earth's geography. It shows the position of all continents, countries and oceans with geographical features such as mountains, rivers and underwater topography. Fandex Swivel Globe 28cm This Fandex Swivel Globe is perfect for teaching geography to new learners. It has a sturdy base and a spinning design which acts as a visual reference during geography lessons. Discovery Kids Illustrated Globe The Discovery Kids Illustrated Globe shows more than 125 drawings of people, landmarks and animals all over the world. It lights up so kids can learn fascinating facts at night too. Ravensburger Children's Globe The Ravensburger Children's Globe is perfect for enhancing knowledge of geography. It also shows different animals in the continents and can be assembled easily using the numbered pieces. Studymate Globe This Studymate Globe is a great learning tool when finding out where places are located in the world. It has a durable plastic construction and is suitable for learners aged 3 and over.
Fandex Desk Swivel Globe
Micador Blue Ocean World Globe 30cm
Fandex Swivel Globe 28cm
Discovery Kids Illustrated Globe
Ravensburger Children's Globe
Studymate Globe