Shred Your Document

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Destroy sensitive information with high security shredding

Document shredding is an important safeguard against data security and intellectual property theft. Secure your confidential information with confidence by shredding it at your nearest Officeworks store.

We use the same quality shredders as the Australian Defence Department and law enforcement agencies. Our shredders tear through documents, staples, paperclips, plastic cards, even CDs and DVDs, reducing them to less than 6mm strips.

There are absolutely no limits on the size or quantity of materials you can shred.

Our shredding technology

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Designed and built with the latest German technology, Officeworks' high security shredder complies with European legislative standards (DIN 66399 Level 4 (P-4) Protection Class 3) for the destruction of highly confidential documents.

This level of document shredding is recommended for any business or organization with data and security of information needs. Ideal for the disposal of strategic management documents, financial data and general confidential information.

So when it comes to ensuring that your data doesn't fall into the wrong hands, come to Officeworks to have it safely destroyed.