Print & Copy Self Serve Essential print & copy solutions, made to suit your printing needs

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Your new look Self Serve

New Print & Copy Self Service system.
Black and White A4 = 8 cents each, A3 = 16 cents each.
Colour A4 = 65 cents each, A3 = $1.30 each.

Going Self Serve Makes Printing Easy

All of your essential printing services are made available from our state of art printing equipment designed to provide you with outstanding results.

Why choose Self Serve?

  • Skip the queue
  • Print from the cloud
  • Wide range of services
  • Easy to use

How it works

  • 1. Get a Recharge Card

    Collect a new Print and Copy Recharge Card from the dispenser and top-up the balance

  • 2. Insert Your Card

    Go to any of the self serve printers and insert your Print and Copy Recharge Card to make a start

  • 3. Choose Your Service

    Using the display beside the printer choose the service you need and follow the promopts

Read our Self Serve Copying Guide (PDF 2.5mb) to get the most out of your next visit.

Print and Copy Recharge Card

Getting started with Print & Copy Self Serve begins with a Print and Copy Recharge Card. If you haven't used self serve before you will need to get a new card from the self serve kiosk. If you are familiar with self serve, and have an old Print & Copy card, you will need to transfer the balance from your old card to the new Recharge Card. All you need to do is insert your old card into the kiosk and follow the prompts to transfer your balance and get a new card.

  • Old Self Serve Card

  • New Self Serve Card

Print & Copy Self Serve Kiosk

Print To Any Officeworks Self Serve Printer, with PrintMe

PrintMe is a new cloud based printing service that allows you to submit all of your documents for print into the cloud from the comfort of your home or office and print them at your leisure from any Officeworks Self Serve printer.

How it works

  • 1. Email Your Document

    Email the documents that you wish to print to: (retain the reply email with code word)

  • 2. Go Into Store

    Go to any of our stores, insert your Print and Copy Recharge card and select PrintMe

  • 3. Print Using PrintMe

    Enter the code word sent to you by PrintMe or scan the barcode to print your document and you're done!

Self Serve Print Prices

A4 Black & White $0.08 per side
A3 Black & White $0.16 per side
A4 Colour $0.65 per side
A3 Colour $1.30 per side

Self Serve Copy Prices

A4 Black & White $0.08 per side
A3 Black & White $0.16 per side
A4 Colour $0.65 per side
A3 Colour $1.30 per side

Note: Officeworks takes privacy and copyright matters seriously, read our terms of use and privacy policy for more information on what is acceptable to print and reproduce at Officeworks.