Finishing Services

Bind Your Document

Binding service

Demonstrate style and organisation

Bring your document in-store to bind and finish. Choose from multiple colours and binding styles. We've also got a big range of front and back covers to create a proper book like look and feel. We've got samples to look at to see what suits you best. Our team members are here to guide you with the best binding choice for your documents. Get same day service for binding at your nearest store.

For more information and pricing see bound documents online.

Staple your printed document

A cost effective document binding solution

If you have any documents that require stapling, bring them in-store and one of our team members will assist you. Stapling is really affordable and suits documents that might be too small to bind. Get same day service for stapling.

Machine Stapling (per staple) $0.50

Machine Booklet making (per book, max of 15 pages) $0.50

For more information and pricing see bound documents online.

Laminate your document


Keep your documents fresh and glossy

Bring your documents in-store for lamination. Get your stand out school assignments and favourite football posters preserved with same day lamination. Laminating protects your documents from weather, water and is ideal for menus, maps, certificates, signs, glossy photos and instruction sheets.

When glossy paper or photos are laminated, the colours become brighter and more vivid. Lamination takes place by using polyester substrate coated with low melt copolymer adhesive. This protects prints from weather damage and adds strength to the print. Many different paper types can be used for laminating. It is best applied to posters, certificates, laser copy output, menus, place mats, maps and photographs.

For more information and pricing see laminated documents online.

Volume discount (roll lamination only)

Quantity A5 A4 A3
1-50 $1.15 $1.75 $3.00
51-100 $1.05 $1.60 $2.70
100+ 85c $1.30 $2.25
1-10 $8.25 $12.50 $16.25 $23.50 $29.00
11-20 $7.80 $11.95 $15.75 $22.50 $27.00
21-50 $7.40 $11.25 $14.95 $21.00 $26.00
51+ $6.60 $9.95 $13.25 $18.50 $23.00

Hole punch & drill

Hole puncher

Get the right holes for a ring bound document

Save time by getting bulk copies drilled for ring binders. For documents over 250 pages, drilling is required as a hole punch. Get your document drilled for 2, 3 or 4 ring binders. Same day service for drilling.

Drilling per hole (per 250 sheets): $1.00

Machine 2 or 4 Hole punch $0.01 per sheet

For more information and pricing see bound documents online.

Trim & Guillotine


Cut down to size – perfectly

Our in-store state of the art guillotine machines are ideal for bulk quantities. They are able to cut through basically any paper stock and good for any shape of paper or cardboard. Minimum 10 sheets.

Trimming is charged per piece of paper. Our in-store trimming service is accurate and concise. There is no limit on quantities for trimming – single pieces or small quantities ok.

Guillotining per cut (per 250 sheets): $1.00

Trimming per cut: $0.15

Fold or Pad

Do your documents require folding or padding?

This is commonly used for premium business documents, invitations, brochures or letters that need to be folded before placing into an envelope. Take a look at the range of folds possible for different document styles.

We also offer padding, to turn your documents into notepads in A5 and A4 size options.

Folding (per sheet) $0.05

Manual Finishing

Folding (per sheet) $0.05
Hand stapling (per staple) $0.15
Hand collating (per sheet) $0.15
Binder insertion (per binder) $0.50
Padding (per pad) $0.75

We can fold your documents in a variety of ways. Three of our most popular folds include:

Document folds. Gate fold. Half fold. Letter fold.

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