Prints and Enlargements

Print 6 by 4 inch photos at the lowest price. 10c each. Same day in-store prints; Print your favourite memories; Quality prints that last a lifetime. Kodak

Remember your most precious moments with prints and enlargements

Bold, bright colours and spectacular print quality that lasts a lifetime under typical home display conditions. Upload your photos and order your prints online or visit a store for instant printing.


Enlargements make great gifts. Print it, frame it, and give it to someone special.

Personalise your photos before printing

Add your own special message to your photo. Create captions, stories or create a gift. Print it, frame it, hang it on your wall or send it to a friend!

Create black and white sepia photos

Transform your colour photos into artistic black and white photos. Done well, Black and white photos display contrast and texture that is timeless and beautiful.

4 x 6" (10 x 15cm) Print 10¢
5 x 7" (12 x 17cm) Print 35¢
6 x 8" (15 x 20cm) Print 80¢
8 x 10" (20 x 25cm) Print $2.90
8 x 12" (20 x 30cm) Print $4.00
11 x 14" (28 x 35 cm) Print* $13.85
12 x 16" (30 x 40cm) Print* $15.85
16 x 20" (40 x 50cm) Print* $22.85
20 x 24" (50 x 60cm) Print* $36.85
20 x 30" (50 x 75cm) Print* $42.85