Flashcards are effective tools for learning because they encourage an important mental skill known as “active recall”. They also allow for repetition of facts and knowledge, which in turn increases a child’s confidence. Because they’re colourful and tactile with a variety of fun uses, flashcards are perfect for preschoolers and little kids beginning their educational journey. Older kids, and more serious students, can also utilise flashcards for quizzing themselves on basic facts or before a big test.        

Learning Can Be Fun Emotions Cards 10 Pack

Learning Can Be Fun Emotions educational flashcards for kids from Officeworks

               Preschoolers will love these 10 colourful flashcards that are specially designed to help them explore feelings. While this might seem like a simple skill, kids at this stage are still learning to identify and understand big emotions like fear, anger and sadness. They could also be a handy tool for children on the autism spectrum, who can struggle with reading facial expressions. Through playing with these cards and discussing the illustrations, you can help kids learn self expression as well as empathy for others. They’re also made from thick plastic, so they’re sturdy enough for small hands and are a cinch to wipe clean.              

Learning Can Be Fun Equivalence Giant Flash Cards  

Recommended for children aged 7 and up, these jumbo flashcards are an awesome teaching tool. There are 48 in the pack and each can be used to help learners grapple with tricky topics like fractions, decimals and percentages, and converting between them. Shuffle through the cards, to help study and revise, or play a quick game of Snap or Memory to reinforce what they’re learning. Flashcards like these are fab for helping kids understand basic mathematical principles. They’re colourful, with bold designs for easy memorisation and maximum visual appeal. Blu Tack them to a wall or the fridge to stimulate spontaneous learning and discussion.  

Learning Can Be Fun Equivalence and Double Sounds flashcards for kids from Officeworks

Learning Can Be Fun Double Sounds Cards

Make learning to read a breeze with this super set of 26 flashcards, suitable for kids aged 6 and up. With cute illustrations and clear lettering, they highlight the sounds made by vowels, consonants and double letters, and encourage phonetic development. Each card is extra large, measuring 34.5 x 14.3 cm, so kids can hold them, shuffle them and flip them with ease. As a bonus, they are coated in plastic for durability.  

Learning Can Be Fun Early Learning Flashcards 3 Pack

Learning Can Be Fun Early Learning Flashcards for kids from Officeworks

We love this affordable flashcard set which comes with three different packs – it’s the perfect entry point for little learners. All the basics are covered, including numbers 0-30, the alphabet, colours and shapes. Each card is laminated which means they’re practically kid-proof and can survive wear and tear. They also prime for activities involving writing, tracing and drawing – grab a whiteboard marker and away you go! Need extra activity pointers? Consult the guides that come with the set to help you set up games like sorting by colours and number match.

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Yabayaba Discovery Phonogram Cards

Developed by a leading speech and language pathologist, these cards are the ultimate literacy resource for beginners. Rather than “flashcards”, these are “discovery phonogram cards” because all the information is on the card. According to creator Mary-Ruth Mendel, creator of Yabayaba Resources and co-founder of the ALNF, “when you do remote learning with kids, it's helpful for kids to apply [the information], they've got to be thinking through the connections. They need to see how it works in the real world”.  
                   That’s why each card features a letter of the alphabet with prompts to see, hear, say and draw the letter. These are designed with toddlers and preschoolers in mind, and playing with these cards, or choosing one each day to focus on, could be the first step in your little one becoming an accomplished reader and writer. Choose a letter to work on, then host a mini scavenger hunt at home – see if they can spot items around the house starting with the same letter.                    

Yabayaba Early Writing Step by Step educational flashcards for kids from Officeworks

Yabayaba Early Writing Step-by-Step

These large format laminated templates are brilliant for boosting early writing skills. Kids can practise forming letter shapes, then wipe them clean and start all over again. Just like the Yabayaba Phonogram Cards, these clever learning aids are designed by a leading education expert and speech and language pathologist. They’re suitable for children aged 1 and up, and are guaranteed to assist with essential early literacy skill-building. Hot tip: read the detailed instructions included to ensure you and your little learners can get the most out of these handy resources.                    

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Learning Can Be Fun literacy and numeracy educational flashcards for kids from Officeworks

Learning Can Be Fun Flashcards Consonants and Digraphs

Learning to read is as easy as ABC with the help of these double-sided flashcards. Cute, colourful images help kids understand the different sounds made by letters. Digraphs, or the combination of two letters that make one sound, can be especially challenging for kiddos just learning to read, but these cards can help tackle that head on. Boost their little vocabularies and encourage solid spelling skills with the words and sentences printed on each card – there are 427 words to read and learn.

Learning Can Be Fun Flash Cards Colours, Shapes and Numbers

These 65 double-sided flashcards will introduce little kids to colours, shapes and numbers in a fun and exciting way. Consider them the perfect present for a toddler or preschooler whose cognitive development is just jumping off. There are oodles of games and educational opportunities here – get little ones to group cards according to their colour, or practise putting number cards in numerical order. Call out all the names of the shapes, and chat through their properties including the number of sides. The included activity cards are super-useful too.

Learning Can Be Fun Flash Cards Multiplication 0-12

Help primary school students learn simple multiplication with these smart flashcards. There are 63 cards in the pack, each featuring an equation on the front and the answer on the back – so checking their guesses is easy-peasy – plus two double-sided activity cards. They’re designed to help children master and memorise multiplication facts from 0-12, so join in the fun and quiz the kids, or set them up to work solo. Cards are colour-coded for easy sorting. They're also made from a sturdy laminated cardboard, which means they’re ultra durable.

Learning Can Be Fun Flashcards Time

With this more sophisticated set from the Learning Can Be Fun range, children can study not only how to read a clock, both digital and analog, but also learn the language of time, such as “quarter to”, “half past”, etc. This pack of flashcards, including 63 colour-coded laminated cards, is recommended for children aged 6 and up. As well as using them as flashcards, kids can order them by time to discuss concepts of earlier and later, AM and PM, or create a “My Day” chart, attaching appropriate cards with times for breakfast, playtime, dinner and bedtime.

Hinkler Preschool Flashcards

Early learning Hinkler Preschool flashcards for kids from Officeworks

One word for these cards: clever. They’re extremely interactive with tons of fun activities for little ones. We love the cut-out stencil numbers, letters and shapes for tracing and colouring, or switch off the lights and shine a torch through for instant shadow play. Mix up the cards and challenge your preschooler to put together the puzzles – there are six different ones to complete. These fab flashcards also come with a sticker sheet and entertaining activity prompts which are educational too. The perfect boredom-busting activity for a rainy afternoon.