A new year heralds a whole new world of smart swag. Read on to find out what the cool tech gadgets for 2021 are, from excellent earbuds and headphones to fitness trackers and nifty laptop/tablet hybrids.

Cool tech gadgets for 2021 include the latest wireless earbuds and a tablet/laptop hybrid.

A Tablet/Laptop Hybrid

The Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook is the solution for anyone tossing up between a laptop and a tablet. It’s a compact laptop with a magnetically-attached keyboard and touchpad; but detach the keyboard and you’ve got a topnotch 10.1-inch touch-screen tablet with a kickstand for hands-free use. With 128GB storage, great graphics and up to eight-hour battery life, it’s a one-product-to-fit-any-kind-of-situation set-up.

Sweat-proof Earbuds

If you’ve been known to get frustrated during a workout because your headphone cables get in the way of moving, you’ll appreciate the worth of these wireless earbuds by Jabra. Waterproof and sweat-proof, the noise-cancelling Bluetooth ’buds are the perfect jogging/lifting/walking companion. They’ll go for up to 7.5 hours straight on their own, or 28 with the help of the charging case; effortlessly streaming podcasts, audiobooks and music; and allowing you to chat (if you have any breath) on the phone via four built-in microphones.

A Set of Streamlined Earbuds

Samsung’s cute Galaxy Live earbuds are a super-streamlined option. They stay in place with a tiny ear plug, and the earbuds have touch controls for play/pause, skip track and volume control, and even to start up Spotify. Or access your phone with just your voice with Samsung’s own digital assistant, Bixby. Noise-cancelling technology helps shut out unwanted distractions, and three microphones mean you’ll be heard loud and clear on phone calls.

Cool tech gadgets you need for 2021: new Airpods Pro and the latest Fitbit Versa

A Constant Companion

Do you have a slightly bossy best friend whose concern for your general health and wellbeing veers into overbearing territory? No? Would you like one? Because the Fitbit Versa 2 is definitely going to be in your business: she’ll know how you’re sleeping, how much activity you’re doing and what your favourite tunes are. She can even keep you informed of current news and weather. After a couple of days, you won’t be able to live without her.

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The Latest Android Tablet

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 is stacked with features. We’ll start with the 11-inch LCD display, which looks after your eyes with low blue light, and then there’s the Quad speaker sound (all excellent for watching TV and films). A fast and powerful processor lets you play games or multitask easily, or you can snap away on the quality cameras – and, as a valuable bonus, in the box you’ll find the S Pen stylus for drawing and writing. The perfect package.

Top-of-the-range Airpods

Ready to go as soon as you pry these little beauties from the nifty charging case, the AirPods Pro have high-quality active noise-cancelling capabilities (with transparency mode for when you want to hear what’s happening around you); powerful, vivid sound; tips that configure to the shape of your ear to make sure they stay in place; and a case that offers 24 hours of battery life. Oh, and if there’s something else you need? Just ask Siri.

Cool tech gadgets you need for 2021: new Sony headphones and the latest iPad accessories

In a World of Your Own

Any audiophile worth their subwoofer needs a pair of noise-cancelling headphones. But not all were created equal. With Sony’s class-leading WH1000XM4 headphones, you’ll be truly immersed in your own aural world. Seriously, the technology is impressive: high-resolution audio for the best possible wireless sound, adaptive sound control adjusts background noise settings to your environment, and sensors know when you take the headphones off, so it can automatically stop playback to save battery life. The ear-muffs mould to your head with the touch of the button, even sensing whether or not you’re wearing glasses, for a perfect fit every time. Tune out and enjoy.

A Pair of Everyday Earbuds

In the battle of the buds, here’s what these sleek black JBL T120 earphones offer: wireless Bluetooth connectivity, three different-sized ear-tips for a comfy fit, up to 16 hours of playback with the help of the charging case, a great sound experience, excellent call-quality and a competitive price. What more could you want?

A Sleek iPad Case

If you’re going to become an iPad owner, you’ll want a suite of cool accessories to go with it. The first and most useful is a case. This practical trifold case from Otto for a 7th Generation or 8th Generation 10.2 inch model will prove its worth among your iPad paraphernalia, providing a cosy case for your tablet, as well as a stand so that you can watch it hands-free.

Cool tech gadgets and accessories you need in 2021 include smart home devices.

Time for an Upgrade

Banish your smartphone from your bedroom – yes, that means no more pre-sleep scrolling – and try the Lenovo Smart Clock Essential. It’s no ordinary alarm clock, in fact, it is actually a smart home assistant, with the power to run your smart home, play your music, report on the news and weather and inform you of possible traffic issues on your commute. Oh, and it’ll wake you up, too.

Style, Meet Speaker

Stay on the cutting edge of the latest tech with this Nest Audio smart speaker from Google. Whether you’re streaming music, listening to a podcast or asking Google what your schedule looks like, the sound will always be crisp and clear thanks to a clever feature that adapts the audio to your environment. It’s a home audio system, smart home controller and intercom (if you have more than one) all rolled into a chic, voice-controlled gadget with a housing made from 70 per cent recycled plastic.