Label Tips

1. Treat your labels like cash

If a label is lost or stolen it cannot be replaced.

2. Take note of the label's expiration date

Your label will expire one year after the purchase date.

3. Label refunds

Unused Mailman labels will only be refunded if presented with a receipt.

4. Mailman Parcel Delivery Labels can only be used at a Mailman Drop-off Point

Mailman Drop-Off Points are located in all Officeworks stores, Australia-wide.

Before leaving your parcel at a Mailman Drop-off point, make sure you:

Tick the box if signature on delivery is required.

Write your name and phone number on the label.

Sign and accept the Conditions of Carriage.

Purchase & attach parcel protection label (optional).

Keep the label card for track & trace information.

5. Parcel Protection Cover is available as an additional service

For your peace of mind, you can purchase Parcel Protection as an optional extra, covering your parcel up to the value of $1500.

6. Check your parcel's weight and size

Ensure your parcel meets our weight and size requirements.