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What is a modem?

Put simply, a modem is the device that connects you to your internet service. People often get modems and routers mixed up as a modem alone will not provide you WiFi.

How does a modem work within a WiFi network?

A modem receives information from your internet service provider through a phone line, optical fibre or coaxial cable in your home and converts it into a digital signal. It is from here that the router pushes the signal out to your connected devices to provide them with internet access. There are also devices called Modem Routers, a single device which can handle both tasks for you. These devices are often favoured by internet service providers, though you may need to check the best device for your connection.

What is the difference between a modem and router?

A modem provides a connection to the internet, whereas a router provides network management and WiFi for your devices to connect to.

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How to choose a modem

The first consideration when choosing a modem should be your type of internet connection. If you have ADSL, or the NBN (FTTN, FTTC or HFC), then you will need a modem to provide an internet connection. Most modems now will have the routing potential built-in, but you may want to consider some other factors before choosing your device.

  • Do you stream or play online games frequently? These demanding network activities require a strong and stable connection for an optimal experience.
  • How many devices do you have in your home that rely on a Wi-Fi connection to operate? Do you have ‘smart’ devices in your home that will operate on your network? It’s a good idea to count how many devices you have accumulated over time; most people are surprised at the total, and that number will continue to grow. If you have a lot of devices, you will need a powerful solution that can handle these devices (and more) comfortably.
  • There are many ways to achieve strong, stable Wi-Fi through your home. The mesh solution has become very popular lately as it is easy to set up and uses a system of routers placed around the home to create one strong, seamless network and eliminates dead spots in your home. It will meet your demands now and in the future. Other things to consider are features such as Family Protection and Parental Controls, performance, speed and Wi-Fi range.
  • Remember – A strong Modem/Router or Mesh solution means no more arguments over who is hogging the Wi-Fi!

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