Gaming Accessories Buying Guide

Create the ultimate gaming setup with the best gaming accessories. Although they are specifically made to enhance your gaming experience, gaming accessories aren’t just limited to gamers. They can also be used for work as they offer better performance and precision and are built to keep you comfortable even during long usage periods.

Officeworks has a wide range of gaming accessories for every gamer experience level. Here are the gaming products you need to complete your gaming setup and how to choose the best gaming accessories for you.


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Here are the things to look out for to help you find the perfect gaming components.

Gaming Keyboards

Gaming keyboards feature customisable keys that you can program to perform a series of actions with one keystroke. This helps you power through games with optimum efficiency, but they’re also useful for work to create custom shortcuts or record macros to automate tasks and work smarter.

Many gaming keyboards use mechanical keys rather than membrane. Membrane keyboards are quieter, lighter and cheaper – but if you’re typing fast and haven’t pressed the key down all the way, the computer may not register the keystroke. Mechanical keyboards have switches underneath the keys to record keystrokes. These keyboards produce a “click” sound when pressed, provide tactile feedback, respond quicker than membrane keys and are more durable.

Many gaming keyboards are LED backlit, so you can see the keys in the dark - great for low-light situations. Some keyboards allow you to customise the backlight to suit your needs or personal preferences.

Once you’ve decided a gaming keyboard is the way to go, consider whether you want a wired or wireless keyboard. Wired gaming keyboards are usually cheaper, do not require batteries and have no lag – but you’re limited by cable length. Wireless gaming keyboards require batteries, but you can move around as needed.

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Gaming Mouse

A gaming mouse has extra buttons that you can map to certain functions. It’s also more precise than a normal mouse, which is important in games and software applications requiring accurate movements.

You may come across Dots per Inch (DPI) or Counter per Inch (CPI) as part of the mouse specs. This tells you how sensitive a mouse is, and indicates how many pixels your mouse cursor will move per inch. Say your mouse has 1600 DPI – when you move it by an inch, the cursor will move 1600 pixels on screen. A higher DPI / CPI doesn’t mean the mouse is better. It all comes down to personal preference. Some users prefer very high sensitivity whereas you may be happy with a mouse with a lower DPI or CPI.

If you’re going to be playing or working for hours on end, choose a gaming mouse that fits in your hand and is comfortable to hold and use. If you’re left-handed, ensure you pick a mouse designed for left-hand use or has an ambidextrous design. Note where the extra buttons are on your mouse – make sure they’re positioned to your liking.

Lastly, determine whether you want a wired or wireless mouse. Some wireless gaming mice can experience lag, but they are more portable and comfortable to use. Wired gaming mice are cheaper and do not require batteries, but the cable may be a distraction.

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Gaming mouse pads

A gaming mouse pad has a low-friction, smooth and stable surface to improve mouse control and cursor placement, and reduce jitter. It also protects the bottom of your mouse and improves sensor feedback.

There are different sizes and thicknesses to suit different needs. Gamers using a low DPI mouse tend to prefer large gaming mouse pads, but you can choose the size that suits you best.

If you’re into MMO, first-person shooter or other fast-paced games, look for surfaces that pick up subtle hand movements and quick mouse gestures.

Gaming mouse pads are made of soft materials to ensure comfort for your wrist. Some also feature a wrist rest for added comfort.

These mouse pads are also useful for professionals such as graphic designers who rely on precise mouse movements for work.

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Gaming headsets

Good headsets help you to fully immerse yourself in a game or your work. The main features to look for are sound quality, microphone clarity and comfort. Superb surround sound will put you right in the middle of the action, while microphones with noise cancelling functionality will help you communicate clearly during multiplayer games or on the phone.

For long gaming sessions or phone calls, ensure that your headset is comfortable. Look for designs that are lightweight and sit comfortably on your ears.

Finally, decide whether you want a wired or wireless headset. While wired headsets are less prone to interference from other wireless devices, they’re not as portable or convenient as wireless headsets. Wireless headsets are better if you have a large screen and want to sit further away, but you’ll need batteries for them. Whichever headset you choose, ensure that it’s compatible with your gaming console or PC.

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Gaming Monitors

Look for a widescreen monitor with a high native resolution or set up an extended view by connecting multiple screens to your desktop. Ensure that the monitor has a fast pixel-response time, so it can handle detailed and fast-moving images, and doesn’t cause blurring during intense battle scenes or at crucial moments.

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High quality speakers can really enhance your gaming experience. There are heaps of systems to choose from, delivering varying levels of sound quality. Look for a system that’s capable of surround sound for immersive audio.

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Webcams are great for streaming or broadcasting games and sharing your experiences and reactions with viewers. The main features to look for are resolution, framerate, auto focus and zoom capability.

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VR Headsets

Bring games to life with a VR headset. Enjoy a first-person view thanks to the latest virtual reality technology.

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If you’re going with wireless components, you’ll need batteries. You don’t want your equipment running out of juice during a life-or-death situation!

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Your chair is one of the most important (but often overlooked) accessories for gaming. If you’re a serious gamer, you could be spending hours sitting down, so choose one that’s comfortable and durable.

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