Restoring Australia

Restoring Australia

We Plant 2 Trees For Every 1 Used

We’re proud to introduce you to our new initiative Restoring Australia. We’ll be planting two trees for every one used, based on the weight of paper and wood used in our office supplies products. To find out more click here.

Customer Recycling Programs

We look holistically at the lifecycle of our products and are constantly looking at ways to reduce our products environmental footprint. You can make a difference by recycling your old equipment through the following programs. By using the following programs, you will help recovery of valuable resources through the recycling process and prevent waste to landfill.

To learn more about our initiatives, click here to read our Sustainability Report.

Bring IT Back

Recycle old IT equipment with Officeworks.
The Bring IT Back program aims to keep old computers and computer accessories out of landfill. I.T. waste collected through this program is sent to recyclers where up to 98% of the material in the devices is recovered and recycled. Customers can bring in up to 5 items for recycling, including desktops, laptops, computer mice, monitors, printers, scanners, multifunction printers, keyboards, computer power supplies, printed circuit boards, motherboards, network cards, disks and CD drives. Before dropping off your old equipment, please ensure that you have saved and deleted any personal data and documents from your devices. Officeworks is not able to return a product once it has been collected for recycling. To date, we have collected over 1.1million kg of computer equipment for recycling. To view what stores participate in BringITBack, click here.

Cartridges 4 Planet Ark

Return empty ink & toner cartridges to any Officeworks store.
Recycling station boxes are located in all our stores so you can safely recycle your used ink and toner cartridges. Recycling ink and toner cartridges diverts waste from landfill, saves water and energy, and reduces greenhouse gases. Since 2005, Officeworks has been involved in the Cartridges 4 Planet Ark program. To date, we have collected over 7 million cartridges for recycling, making us the largest retail partner to the program.

Mobile Muster

Officeworks is a proud partner of the Mobile Muster program - the Australian mobile phone industry's official product stewardship program. Working together with Mobile Muster, this free recycling service aims to keep old mobile phones, batteries and accessories out of landfill, and recycle them to the highest environmental standards. By recycling your mobile, you're avoiding future greenhouse gas emissions, saving energy, protecting the environment and conserving scarce natural resources.

TerraCycle Zero Waste Box

Recycle old pens, desk items and coffee pods with TerraCycle.
Officeworks is pleased to partner with TerraCycle to offer recycling solutions for hard-to-recycle products. In Australia, many products can be recycled through local council recycling collections. However, some items, such as pens and coffee pods, cannot be recycled in kerbside bins. With partner TerraCycle, Officeworks is pleased to provide a range of Zero Waste recycling boxes. These boxes can be used to recycle a range of items, including coffee pods, pens and other office supplies. Simply purchase a TerraCycle Zero Waste bin, fill it with the appropriate product and then drop it at an Australia Post outlet. From there, Australia Post will send the used items to TerraCycle for recycling. The used products will be turned into a range of new products, such as outdoor furniture.

View our range of TerraCycle Zero Waste Boxes.

Reducing our Environmental impact

As Australia's leading retailer and supplier of office products and solutions for home, business and education, we have a duty to operate our business responsibly and sustainably. We look holistically at how we operate along the supply chain and take a lifecycle approach to understand our products environmental impact.

Our Operations

With over 160 stores nationally, know that we have a part to play. We monitor our energy at all stores to ensure our stores are running efficiently. We also have programs to roll-out energy efficiency initiatives such as LED lighting, replacement of inefficient heating and air condition units, as well as new innovation as they become available.
In addition to our customer recycling programs, Officeworks has been focused on reducing waste to landfill. All our stores have recycling facilities for packaging made of paper, cardboard, shrink wrap and bottles and cans. Currently, we recycle over 70 per cent of its operational waste.

Our Products

Officeworks has maintained a focus on the sustainable sourcing of paper-based products. We are participants in WWF’s Global Forest and Trade Network and preference paper products derived from 100 per cent recycled content or having Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. This ensures we minimise the use of paper products sourced from unsustainable forest practices. Choosing FSC-certification ensures the environmental needs in forest management are balanced to ensure sustainable growth for future generations. Officeworks are signatories through our parent company to the Australian Packaging Covenant. All deliveries made through transactions on our website are packed in boxes made from 100% recycled content.