Keeping Team Members Safe

Officeworks is committed to ensuring everyone goes home safely.

Safety performance continues to improve, with a year end All Injury frequency rate result of 12 injuries per million hours worked, a 24.4 per cent improvement on the prior year.

While the goal is always zero injuries, good progress was made over the last 12 months to keep team members safe.

To instil shared accountability for safety and develop understanding and awareness of the difference between safety management and safety leadership, all managers attended safety leadership training. Personal safety goals defined during the training program are to be implemented and monitored over the next 12 months. The next phase of safety leadership training will be extended to involve all team members across the business.

A scheduled Health and Safety Management System review has commenced with Incident Management, Fitness for Work and Hazard Management programs the initial areas of focus. This review is critical in ensuring the systems and processes currently in place effectively support ongoing health and safety management.

To help reinforce the expected safe behaviours of team members, a safety framework has been developed. This framework creates a connection between behaviours and other programs of activity, including recognition, incident investigation and consequence management. Aimed at promoting safe work choices, the framework supports the identification of both human and environmental causal factors.

Manual handling continues to be a priority at Officeworks. Several initiatives have been implemented to improve manual handling practices, including a comprehensive data review to identify high-risk activities and the controls in place to mitigate the risk of injury.

Officeworks has increased the percentage of waste recycled to 71 per cent. Major initiatives included a waste optimisation program aimed at reducing waste bin size and an ongoing awareness program to educate team members on what is recyclable.

The East Bentleigh (Victoria) support office refurbishment included the replacement of 557 fluorescent lights with low power LED lighting and the installation of recycling stations that cater for bottles and cans as well as specialised recyclable items such as batteries, pens and coffee capsules.

Safety performance
12.0 total recordable injury frequency rate