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Recycling at Officeworks – Don’t Bin It, Bring It

With electronic waste (e-waste) growing three times faster than other types of waste, the average Australian generates 23kg of it each per year.

There are some products you can’t put in your recycling bin. That’s why we’re giving our customers’ old technology and stationery new life, with our free, easy and secure Officeworks recycling programs.

So, don’t bin it, bring it back to Officeworks!

Find out what items your local Officeworks store accepts for e-waste recycling, printer cartridge recycling, battery recycling, pen recycling and more.

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What items can you recycle at Officeworks?

At Officeworks, we’re proud to be providing customers with recycling facilities for a range of materials they use at home or in the office.

  • E-waste recycling

      Our Bring it Back program helps our customers with their e-waste recycling. Each year we recycle more than 800 tonnes of e-waste, plastics and consumables.

      What is e-waste?

      What is e-waste? It’s all your elecE-waste is anything in your home office with a cord or a plug, or their related accessories is broken or no longer needed.

      We accept most forms of e-waste, including:

      • Computers and laptops

      • Monitors

      • Keyboards

      • Printers

      • Mice

      • Hard drives

      • Cables and chargers

      • DVDs and CDs

      • Computer power supplies

      • Printed circuit boards

      • Motherboards

      Remember to save and delete any personal data or documents from your devices before you bring them in for recycling.

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  • Printer cartridges and ink cartridge recycling

    • We offer free ink and toner recycling so you can return your empty ink & toner cartridges to any Officeworks store.

      Since 2005 we have collected and recycled more than 10 million ink and toner cartridges through our partner Planet Ark.

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  • Mobile phone recycling

    • You can recycle your old mobile phone and any phone accessories, cables or chargers at any Officeworks store.

      If you’re updating to the latest handset, it’s simple to recycle your old one. We’ve partnered with Mobile Muster, Australia’s leading mobile phone recycling program.

      Simply bring your old mobile phone, phone batteries or phone accessories in store and place them in the mobile phone recycling station.

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  • Battery recycling

    • We’re in the process of rolling out a national recycling scheme for batteries.

      We accept domestic single use or rechargeable batteries in the following sizes:

      • AA, AAA, C, D, 9V

      • Laptop batteries

      • Mobile phone batteries

      *We don’t accept industrial or commercial grade batteries, such as machinery batteries. Please visit our store locator to see if your local store accepts batteries for recycling.

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  • Pens and markers recycling

    • Pens are synonymous with Officeworks – but until recently all those empty pens and markers were sent to landfill.

      Not anymore!

      We have recently launched pen recycling stations in selected stores and will look to roll the program out nationally over the next year to help reduce plastic waste from pens.

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      Pen and Marker recycling for schools

      We’re now making pen and marker recycling easy for schools! Schools can now pick up a pen recycling box from their local store.

      Here’s how your school can get involved.

      1. Talk to your local Officeworks about getting a recycling box for your school.
      2. Set up the recycling box in your school and display our list of recyclable items.
      3. Once your recycling box is full of old pens and markers, return it to your local Officeworks.
      4. Take your recycling box back to your school and start filling it up again!

      For every box returned, your school will be automatically entered into the draw to win an Officeworks gift card. Full terms and conditions here.

      School Resources

      We’ve put together a few fun resources to help schools recycle their pens and markers and engage with students in the process.

  • Why is recycling important?

    • Recycling is important as it helps to reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfill. Landfill sites produce harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses, and recycling seeks to minimise those by taking certain types of waste and repurposing them.

      When e-waste, batteries and ink cartridges are disposed of, they start to break down and release toxic chemicals like lead, mercury and arsenic into the environment. These chemicals pollute the air and soil and can even end up in local water sources.

      Please help us make bigger things happen for the environment by using our free recycling services for e-waste, batteries, ink cartridges, mobile phones, pens, and markers at your local store.

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