Community & Sustainability

Commitment 18: Phase out problematic plastics

What’s the issue?

In many products, plastic is a useful material as it’s low-cost and long-lasting. However, particular types of plastic present a huge problem to our environment as they are unable to be recycled and may never break down, contributing to environmental issues on land and in our waterways.

What are we doing?

We will phase out problematic plastics and replace products and packaging with more sustainable alternatives. From December 2021, we will stop selling single-use plastic products such as cutlery and plates and provide our customers with sustainable and affordable alternatives. We have already started to remove micro plastics, such as glitter, from own-brand products, and will continue to address this across other products.

When it comes to packaging, we’re getting rid of problematic plastic materials such as polystyrene and PVC completely. Replacing it with material that will still adequately protect products, but can be easily recycled in household bins.

The story so far

We’ve started making progress by removing products such as glitter from our own brands' art and craft range, and removing polystyrene from all of our furniture packaging and our own range of shredders. We have removed PVC from our own brand product packaging and have identified further priority products and packaging to address.

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